Friday, 18 November 2016

Suspended Scaffolds Single-point Adjustable

The requirements on this page are specific to single-point adjustable scaffolds only.  A single-point adjustable scaffold consists of a platform suspended.  The most common among these is the scaffold used by window washers to clean the outside of a skyscraper.  One rope from an overhead support and equipped with means to permit the movement of the platform to desired work levels.

General Requirements of Suspended Scaffolds  Single-point Adjustable:

  • The supporting rope between the scaffold.
  • The scaffold is positioned so swinging cannot bring it into contact with other surfaces.
  • The rigging has been designed by a qualified person. 
  • The support rope is protected from rubbing during direction changes.
  • The scaffold is accessible to rescuers.
  • When combining two single-point scaffolds to form a two-point suspension system.

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