Friday, 9 December 2016

What should you not do when using scaffold?

  • Do not jump on planks or platforms.
  •  Level the scaffold until a proper fit can be made easily.
  • Do not force braces to fit.
  • Do not load in excess of its rated working load.
  • Do not use scaffolds near electrical wires.
  • Do not work on scaffolds during storms or high winds.
  • Do not use ladders or makeshift devices on top of scaffolds to increase height.
  • Do not climb or stand on cross braces or guardrails.
  • Do not overload scaffold frames or platforms.
  • Do not rest materials or equipment on guardrails.
  • Do not try to repair bent or kinked frames. 
  • Do not load in a way that affects its stability.
  • Do not work below a scaffold without head protection.

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